In 1946, Underwood’s son Christopher is born,

followed by his daughter Pamela,

 in 1949.

Christopher and Pamela feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square in London.

1946 is also the year 

that Harry Price publishes

The End of Borley Rectory.


immediately begins

reading it...

Borley Rectory had become famous

in the wake of Price’s previous work devoted to it:

The Most Haunted House in England.

It caught fire in 1939,

and was demolished in 1944.

“As is well known 

the fire that destroyed the Rectory was,

more or less, predicted by planchette...” 

Price spent many years investigating

the many strange phenomena reported there.

He even published a ‘Blue Book’ of instructions

for observers to use when visiting the Rectory.

Underwood begins making reports

of his own investigations

some of which he sends to Price...

“I became deeply involved in the Borley haunting…”

“...at this stage

...the reputed ghost nun

was thought to be named ‘Marie Lairre’…”

No Common Task

Borley Postscript

Underwood begins making plans

to pay a visit to former site

of the Rectory...

Barbara Barber’s Ghostly Nun of Borley Rectory (2011)