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Gazetteer of British, Scottish & Irish Ghosts (1985)

Here are such varied phenomena as the 'big grey man of Ben MacDhui', the haunted mountain vouched for by professors, doctors and mountaineers of considerable standing; or the curious disturbances at the Edinburgh home of Sir Alexander Seton subsequent to his wife's removing an ancient bone from an Egyptian tomb. Do you know where an vampire lurks in the shadows of a ruined church? Where giant footsteps cause panic to hardened climbers? Where the red glow of battle shines annually? Where corpses whisper? These and many other strange stories, legends and authentic accounts of ghostly happenings have been catalogued alphabetically for easy reference.

In addition to presenting a profusion of fascinating reports from the towns and valleys, lochs and lakes, mountains and rivers, historic castles and houses of these lovely countries, Peter Underwood draws on his twenty-five years of study and practical investigation to describe a rich patchwork of reported happenings that cannot be explained in material or scientific terms.