Peter Underwood

World respected paranormal investigator

President of The Ghost Club (est. 1862) for over thirty years

‘the Sherlock Holmes Of Psychical Research’ - Dame Jean Conan Doyle

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Find out more about the life and adventure of the world renowned ‘ghost-hunter’ - edited and illustrated by his grandson Adam Underwood.


Peter Underwood

Peter Underwood was born in 1923 at Westholm Green, Letchworth.

He became interested in ghosts from an early age, and started to visit reportedly haunted places. He followed reports in the press, and quickly began to invest serious time and energy into investigating the paranormal, which became his life’s work.

He believed there was a natural explanation for almost all reports of ghosts, however a small percentage of genuinely inexplicable cases held open the possibility that in future it may yet be possible for evidence to be found - that could hold up to scientific scrutiny - for the existence of ghosts.





No Common Task: The Autobiography of a Ghost-Hunter

“It is hardly possible to talk to anyone these days...”

“...without being told that they know someone…”

“…who has had a ghostly experience...”

“Whether we know when we have seen one is another matter…”

“...for most contemporary ghosts appear to be solid and act naturally…”

“ it may well be that the percentage of people who see ghosts is higher than we think...”

“I have long been of the opinion that 98% of reported hauntings...”

“...have a natural and mundane explanation...”

“…it is the other 2% that have interested me for more than forty years...”

“...I have dwelt in particular with my adventures, and the various personalities I have met...”

“ my search for truth...”

“ the twilight world of ghosts and haunted houses...”

“So come into the unknown with me

- if you dare!”