“About this time I became interested in the induced phenomena of the seance room.”

“Although I have always found spontaenous phenomena more interesting, and usually more convincing as evidence of a paranormal origin…”

“I attended many seances…”

“...and personally witnessed many curious happenings…”

“…I have seen ectoplasm pour from a medium’s mouth and nostrils and disappear in a way that was totally inexplicable to me…”

“I was impressed by the mediumship of Bertha Harris on the first occasion that I met her…”

“She could hardly have known, I believe…that my father had died when I was a boy; that he had been a stout gentleman…”

“…that I had a daughter whose eyes were causing Joyce and me considerable worry; that I would become well known as an author…”

“All this within a few minutes of meeting me for the first time…”

Bertha Harris

“Another clairvoyant - who has been described as ‘probably the world’s most experimented-upon medium’...”

“...is modest Douglas Johnson, whom I first met in the 1950s when he addressed the Ghost Club.”

“During one of the many experiments that he submitted…”

“...Johnson suddenly opened his eyes and said he couldn’t continue with the experiment…”

‘Something terrible has happened’,

he said,

‘and it has just been reported on television…’

“A moment later someone came into the room to say that the television programmes had been interrupted...”

“...to announce the assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

“I attended many public and private seances with Leslie Flint, who uses the medium of direct voice…”

“…his voice changes for each communicator…”

“…different communicators with different voices speak through him...”

“The first time I saw Leslie Flint was at a public demonstration in London…”

“…but I have to say that I was not impressed…”

“As John Cutten, one-time Secretary of the SPR, once said to me…”

‘Often what we are really doing is investigating the person rather than what they claim to see or experience.

“…[but] I have come to respect the integrity of Leslie Flint…”

“…[and his] contribution to the possibility of spirit communication...”

“The occult and the supernatural have always been mysterious regions, but...

it is in the study of [the] mind, that…[we will] find the answer to many mysteries which have long seemed to have a supernatural origin...”

No Common Task

Dictionary of the Supernatural

“Though tolerantly sceptical, I had to concede that those [voices] which addressed me, claiming acquaintance with a recently deceased parent, answered test questions about childhood, family and pets with fluency and total accuracy.”

“With advancing age, bronchitis and other infirmities, his powers became unreliable, the voices faded - and, last month, their remarkable conductor himself died, quietly by the sea. I like to think, however, that we have not heard the last of him.”

Alexander Walker, 'Obituary: Leslie Flint’, The Independent, Monday 9 May 1994