1954 - 1957

31 - 34


Underwood is involved in excavations

at the former site of Borley Rectory. 

“Many persistent reports of...

a tunnel have cropped up over the years…”

“…[which] led from...Borley Rectory

to a nunnery…”

“In October 1954 Mr Philip Paul”

a journalist turned psychic investigator,

“spent a week at Borley, looking for the tunnels…”

“He wanted to find the rest of the ‘Nun’s’ skeleton…”

Partial skeletal remains were found in the cellars

during Harry Price’s investigation in 1943. 

“I have talked with nearly a hundred first-hand witnesses 

of apparently paranormal activity at Borley…”

“…and I still get reports of curious happenings in the church and churchyard

just across the road from where the haunted rectory once stood...”

Underwood begins his own ‘Borley Report’ - The Ghosts of Borley - a history of the whole affair...

However a negative appraisal of Price’s investigations at Borley is published in the journal of the SPR in 1956.

The Haunting of Borley Rectory is written by three researchers:

Eric J. Dingwall

Kathleen M. Goldney

Trevor H. Hall

The famous ‘floating brick’ photograph taken on 5th April 1944.

As a result of the ‘report’, Underwood’s manuscript is shelved...

Work nonetheless continues at the site...

“On 12 September 1957 came the discovery of the long-lost and eagerly-sought tunnel running under the road between the vanished Rectory and Borley church…”

No Common Task

The Ghosts of Borley
pp.142-143; 150

Peter Underwood’s Guide to Ghosts & Haunted Places

But the reason for the existence of the tunnel is never firmly established...


An exhibition by Hannah Taggart at the

Here Gallery, Bristol, in 2007.

Hannah Taggart; Widow of Borley

Hannah Taggart;  ‘Index'

Hannah Taggart;  'House'

Hannah Taggart;  'House' (Detail of Master Bedroom)

Hannah Taggart;  'House' (Detail of Living Room)

Hannah Taggart;  'House' (Detail of Living Room)

Hannah Taggart;  'House' (Detail of the Hallway)

Hannah Taggart;  ’Sketchbook'

Hannah Taggart; Sketchbook with Borley Rectory Wallpaper

The mysterious ‘automatic’ wall-writing that appeared at Borley.

Hannah Taggart;  Plan of Borley Rectory and Grounds

Hannah Taggart;  Plan of Borley Rectory and Grounds