In 1951, Underwood moves from Hertfordshire to work at the London office of Dents, Aldine House.

Aldine House, Covent Garden

He rents a house in Richmond.

Underwood is later informed by someone about curious noises being heard on one of the upper floors of the building.

“…the sounds of heavy breathing, coughing and footsteps were heard over a period of three months…”

“…on the last occasion the coughing sounded very close at hand, almost over his shoulder...”

“…other people had noticed mysterious noises on that particular landing...”

“It was discovered that many years ago a man had committed suicide in the room where the noises seemed to originate…”

“Each person who experienced the noises was certain that someone or something was in the room as they reached the corridor leading to the room…”

“I tried to discover more about the suicide,

but I was unsuccessful…”

Underwood’s account of Aldine House  can be found in his Haunted London (1972).