“Another byway of the occult that has always interested me is the mysterious ‘abominable snowman’, ‘big-foot’ and other ‘alien animals’…”

“Eric Shipton, the mountaineer and explorer…”

addressed the Ghost Club

and told us…”

“…that he came across

yeti tracks

at 18,000 feet up Everest…”

“…and followed them for nearly two miles…”

Shipton discovered a route for the first successful ascent of Earth’s highest mountain two years later.

This was during his famous 1951 reconnaissance of Everest.

“The foot prints were particularly clear, and in Shipton’s opinion, could not have been more than twenty-four hours old.”

“He even photographed them, and was kind enough to present me with a print showing the enormous size and distinct outline of the bare foot.”

“Sen Tenzing, one of the Sherpas accompanying Shipton, had seen a yeti close to and described it as five feet six inches tall, standing upright, having no tail and covered in reddish-brown hair, except for the face, which was bare and red.”

Shipton (left) with Tenzing (right)

Nuno Nogueira
Purported Yeti scalp at Khumjung monastery