Underwood frequented somewhere near to where he worked in Covent Garden in London:

“...a small coffee-house in Goodwin’s Court, off St Martin’s Lane…”

“…it was there, it would seem, that my ghost was seen on one occasion!”

Goodwin’s Court

The journey from Aldine House to Goodwin’s Court.

“I used to pop in for coffee most mornings, and the entry was up a few steps and past the proprietor…”

Goodwin’s Court is walking distance from the publishers office at Aldine House, on the corner of Bedford Street and Chandos Street.

“…a moment after I had sat down he would bring me a cup of steaming hot black coffee.”

On this occasion, I thought the proprietor looked at me rather strangely…

‘Did you come in earlier this morning, sir?’

“I said, 

‘No, of course not, why?’

‘Funny,’  he replied.

‘I saw you quite distinctly, but you were wearing a different suit…’ 

‘…you nodded and smiled to me like you always do as you passed…’

‘…and a moment later I brought in your black coffee,

but no one was here and you know there is no other way out…'

“On occasions people are seen after they have been pronounced dead…”

“But ghosts of living people? 

How can that be?

These present a real problem for the psychic researcher…”

“It does seem that certain people, under certain conditions not yet established, are indeed seen in one place,

when they are indisputably in another place altogether…”

For an account of the different types of ghosts, see The Ghost Hunter’s Guide (1986)