“Capesthorne Hall, near Macclesfield [in Cheshire] is the ninety-eight roomed home of Sir Walter Bromley-Davenport.”

Sir Walter Bromley-Davenport

“It contains a room that has been known as

‘The Room with the Severed Arm’...”

“Perhaps significantly,

all the unexplained happenings here…”

“...have been reported from the original portion of this ancient towered and domed mansion…”

(Capesthorne Entrance Hall, 1840)

“...which was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire

in 1861.”

“Sir Walter himself saw

'a line of shadowy, spectre-like figures descending the steps into the family vault’

in his private chapel…”

(The Chapel, Capesthorne Hall)

“…and briefly glimpsed a grey form gliding along a corridor in the house.”

(The Sculpture Gallery, Capesthorne Hall)

“His son, William,

one still, windless night

in 1958…”

“…was startled by the sound of the bedroom window rattling near his head…”

“…and awoke to see a detached arm reaching towards the window.”

“William…promptly got out of bed…

but the arm disappeared as he approached…”

“He opened the securely fastened window,

and looked down at the deserted courtyard…”

“...a sheer drop of thirty feet below…”

Gazetteer of British Ghosts
'Macclesfield, Chesire'