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Gazetteer of British Ghosts (1971)

First published in 1971, Gazetteer of British Ghosts was the result of a quarter of a century of study and on-the-spot investigation by one of the leading authorities on haunted houses.

The first comprehensive guide to the ghost population of the British Isles, it covers a subject that still fascinates and, at the same time, still terrifies. The ghosts of Britain are numerous, and in this book (catalogued and placed in alphabetical order) are well over two-hundred accounts of ghostly happenings - ranging from the legendary to the factually presented and the scientifically investigated.

Included are details not only of such famous haunted houses as Borley and Bettiscombe, Hampton Court and Hinton Ampner, Glamis and Great Bealings, but also lesser known hauntings such as those associated with Woburn, the Gargoyle Theatre in Soho, St. Albans and Bury St. Edmunds.

A full bibliography details all the best books dealing with true ghostly experiences, selected from the author’s library which is considered to be the most extensive private collection of such books.

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