‘Come in, you are very welcome!

I always think of you as 

the Sherlock Holmes of Psychical Research...’

“...so said Dame Jean Conan Doyle…”

“...on my first visit…”

“...to her Cadogan Square flat…”

Hay Wrightson Ltd 
Jean Conan Doyle 
(circa 1960s)
NPG x180622 © National Portrait Gallery, London

“…I was ushered into the delightful drawing room…”

“…that was dominated by an enormous portrait of her father…”

Arthur Conan Doyle (1927) by Henry L. Gates;
NPG 4115 © National Portrait Gallery, London

“She told me she could remember…”

“...as quite a small child…”

“...sitting in a big red leather armchair beside the fireplace…”

“...watching the flames to the background sound of her father’s nib…”

“...racing with hardly a pause across page after page…”

‘How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,

however improbable,

must be the truth?’

Sherlock Holmes to Dr Watson in The Sign of the Four (1890)

“I have always felt close to Arthur Conan Doyle in more ways that one, even before his only daughter became my friend...”

My Friend Dame Jean Conan Doyle
Shosu-in Bulletin, Vol.12, 2002

Doyle had been a member of The Ghost Club, before departing in 1870 after falling out with the Chairman, Harry Price.

Price had destroyed his cherished belief in the Cottingley Fairies...

The Cottingley Fairies were a series of photographs purporting to capture these mythical, supernatural beings known from folklore.

Doyle’s departure marked a division between Spiritualists and those who maintained a more sceptical mind.

Underwood would have lunch at The Sherlock Holmes pub when paying a visit to the Savage Club in nearby Whitehall Place.

As well as a bar and restaurant, the pub has a complete recreation of Holmes and Watson's study and sitting room.

Underwood joined the Savage Club back in 1966.

It served as the address through which readers corresponded with him.

“I am always interested to receive first-hand or reliable accounts of ghosts and haunted houses…”

Gazetteer of British Ghosts

A bronze bust of Underwood is later bequeathed to the club.

It was sculpted in 1974 by Patricia Finch.

Finch was a Gold Medal winner for Sculpture at the Venice Biennale in 1976.

Joel Derby (a son of Underwood’s daughter Pamela) used an image of the bust for his design for the cover of a collection of Underwood’s Favourite Tales of the Fantastical (2000).