“I first came across Peter Underwood in Brecon by chance on my seventh birthday…”

“We were in the middle of a snow storm and the wind grew so strong at one point…”

“...that the whole family bundled into the rickety old newsagent and toyshop next to the bridge for shelter…”

“...on a rotating book stand were these fantastic books with such wild images and worrying titles…”

“...that I was hypnotised…”

“...A Host of Hauntings,

Into the Occult,

Ghosts of Wales…”

“...and Ghosts of many other areas.…”

“I left the shop with three of them and became completely uncommunicative for the whole of Christmas.”

“...night brought the silence needed for me to really concentrate on all these fascinating accounts of ghosts

that moaned down in cellars

and screamed climbing up old stairwells…”

“...or appeared at the windows or empty houses…”

“The line ‘I’ll just read one more and that’s it, was given the nod of approval many times…”

“Without knowing it back then, the...seeds were being planted for the books I would write in the future…”

“Many years later...I was fortunate to become the editor of a magazine that interviewed authors and...

I suggested I interview the great man himself.”

“I still distinctly recall picking up the phone on the designated day and time…”

“I didn’t know if he would be a nice man,

a grumpy one…”

“I didn’t know if he’d be loud, booming and dramatic

or eerily quiet...”

“Then there was the click of the phone being answered…”

“...and the most warm, friendly voice said my name and told me he was just reading and waiting for my call...”

“I knew right then that it was going to be a great conversation...”

“I don’t know how long we talked for…”

“...but at many points we had to stop chatting and remind ourselves to get back on with the interview...”

“His words brought back the snow storm and the rotating book rack in that shop so vividly…”

“It reminded me of the absolute excitement I felt flicking through the pages of his books…”

“...and I hope that I am able to make my own readers feel that way about my own.”

Ghosts of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight
‘Foreword’ by Alan Williams