“In the investigation of haunted houses it has always been my prime endeavour to establish that what is happening is objective - that it is not all in the mind of the person concerned.”

“I have come to realise that there are many difficulties in using highly sophisticated equipment, because it is so efficient that it records or registers the slightest sound, movement or effect. So I tend to use the less highly developed, simpler equipment. In any case I have long believed that results every bit as convincing and scientific can be obtained with quite simple appartus. It is the integrity of the investigating team that is of paramount importance.”

“Hardly anyone had heard about the ghosts at Newark Park before we went there.”

“In fact hardly anyone had heard of Newark Park, for we spent a night there before it was even open to the public.”

“It was one of the most interesting and rewarding cases that has come to my notice in half a century of ghosthunting.”

Underwood’s account of Newark Park can be found in his Nights in Haunted Houses (1994).

Ghost Watch #4 - Ghost Voices