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Nights in Haunted Houses (1994)

This volume comprises various accounts of night vigils in haunted houses. Findings include the headless Blue Lady of Bovey House in Devon and the Happy Monk of Bromfield Manor, Shropshire.

The eerie quiet and disorientating darkness of the night have long been associated with the terror of the unknown. In the cold light of day it is all too easy for sceptics to dismiss apparently inexplicable events but in the dead of night, when faced with the evidence of their senses and those of other perfectly rational people, it is far more difficult to ignore the facts - however disturbing they may be.

It collects together existing accounts (‘The Queen’s House’, ‘Woodfield’, ‘The Bull’) with previously unpublished material, and includes an ‘Appendix’ with a list of all the participants who joined him in his investigations.