Lives to Remember: A Case Book on Reincarnation (1975)

It is claimed that the trauma of birth leaves an unconscious memory and it is likely that any previous lives would leave similar memories which too can be recalled under hypnosis.

This book is a fascinating and true story of apparent regression (a return to the reactions that belong to an earlier state of development). Under hypnosis Peggy Bailey, an ordinary housewife, relives three completely different lives.

The book is a valuable contribution to the growing literature on the subject of reincarnation and is likely to become a classic of its kind. Psychical researchers, reincarnationists, hypnotists, psychologists and the general reader will find Lives to Remember a book to read and read again; a book that is different, a book that is true and a book that breaks new ground and opens new doors.

For the first time one book we are presented with a full and factual story of a person 'regressed' by a competent hypnotist and the results assessed by an acknowledged psychical researcher. It is the first example of 'regression' to previous lives with an interval of sixteen years between each repeated experiment.