Earlier in the 1980s, Underwood had published A Ghost Hunter’s Handbook for the children’s book publisher, Sparrow Books.

“I’m always pleased to hear reports of ghost hunts and am prepared to make further investigations should any case appear particularly interesting and important…”

“But I can’t promise to answer every letter because I have to leave myself enough time for the serious business of ghost hunting...”

A Ghost Hunter’s Handbook
‘Introduction’, pp.8-9

Underwood always encouraged correspondence with readers, and usually responded to almost every letter.

The following is his reply, in 1988, to one of the many he continued to recieve.

Reply from Underwood to Phillip J. Lunt (19th October 1988)

“I shall hope to hear from you again in a few years time

if you are still interested in joining The Ghost Club.”

“In the meantime

all good wishes and happy ghost hunting!”

In a few years time however,

Underwood will cease to be a member himself...