“The years of childhood pass all too quickly…”

“...I joined the publishing firm of J. M. Dent and Sons…”

Dents is known for publishing the Everyman Library.

J. M. Dent (1949-1926) was a book publisher who created the Everyman’s Library series and established the Temple Press in Letchworth Garden City.

Underwood will later contribute an entry to the 

 Everyman Encyclopedia

for Harry Price,

the famous psychical researcher.

In 1939,

Price was then serving

as Chairman of the Ghost Club.

Underwood worked in the

Bindery department of the ‘Temple Press’

which J.M. Dent had established in Letchworth.

A general view of the Bindery Department, Temple Press, Letchworth.

'Bindery' refers to a studio, workshop or factory where sheets of paper are fastened together to make books, and where gold and other decorative elements are added to the exterior of books.

Endpapers of the original run of books in the Everyman's Library.

The floor plan of the Temple Press that J. M. Dent built in Letchworth Garden City.

“There I worked under Bernard Ellis, the Bindery Manager…”

“A singular man

with decided ideas

and individual tastes…”

“...he always wore suits

he had woven himself…”

“...frequently with knickerbockers.”

*Knickerbockers were a form of baggy-kneed trousers.

“He always used a quill pen…”

“...and green ink...”

“He had a great respect for his dignity…”

“...but was usually kind and considerate.”

“Sometimes, however,

he took hold of the wrong end of a stick…”

“...and nothing could convince him…”

“...of his error…”

No Common Task

It is due to one such ‘misunderstanding’

that Underwood’s fate at Dents...

...appears sealed...