“Cycling around the countryside one day,

as I leaned my bicycle against a gate, having a rest

and enjoying the warm stillness of the summer, I heard footsteps and a tall bearded figure came into sight.”

“It was George Bernard Shaw!

And when he saw me he said…”

George Bernard Shaw was a famous Irish playwright and critic.

“ ‘Youth is too good to be wasted on the young;

make the most of it - what are you interested in

- apart from wasting your time?’ ”

Youth is wasted on the young’ - these words are attributed to George Bernard Shaw.

“I remember scrambling down from the gate and flushing furiously,

for I had been contemplating the beauty of the countryside.

I told him, ghosts and haunted houses, and he laughed, a deep laugh…”

“ ‘Well now, there’s a problem…

it will take you a lifetime

to solve that mystery…’ ”

“ ‘Maybe I’ll come back and haunt Shaw’s Corner one day, but not yet…’ ”

Shaw’s Corner, the primary residence of George Bernard Shaw, Ayot St Lawrence, near Welwyn Garden City

“ ‘...I’ve got too much work to do.’ ”

Interior of Shaw’s Corner