“We have not yet discovered a way to prove the existence of ghosts…”

“...therefore it is not a subject that one can be erudite about….”

“Nevertheless the wealth of varied testimony for ghosts in Britain’s historic properties cannot but be impressive to any impartial reader.”

“Needless to say I am always glad to hear of any ghost that may be encountered as visitors wander through these wonderful,

lovingly cared for houses, castles and mansions

where the atmosphere and environment of these unique properties can sometimes take us back in time…”

“Macabre stories are told of Ightham Mote, a moated manor house of great beauty, character and charm, built in 1240…”

Ightham Mote is located in Sevenoaks in Kent.

“…in 1872, workmen came across a sealed doorway that led to the discovery of an ancient female skeleton.”

“It is said that there had always been an unexplained coldness in the area of the...skeleton…”

“…and that for years afterwards there were those who were sensitive enough to be aware of a variation in the temperature…

even without knowing anything of the story…”

“Some years ago a bishop sought to exorcise the ghost but,

according to repeated reports…”

“...the peculiar chill remains…”

This Haunted Isle
'Introduction', p.x; 'Ightham Mote', pp.143-144

Underwood at the original entrance to Ightham Mote.