What are the qualities which make an ideal ghost hunter?

You need to be part detective, part investigative reporter, a scientist,

with a measure of the psychologist thrown in. 

(The ‘blurb’ from the back cover of the paperback edition of The Ghost Hunter’s Guide.)

“I have long ago lost count of the haunted houses I have visited,

the cases of haunting that I have investigated,

the ‘most haunted rooms’ in allegedly haunted houses that I have spend a night in…”

“...but I am convinced that the information I and other investigators …slowly and carefully gather is very important,

and one day we shall discover the cause and modus operandi of ghosts…”

“He [or she] should seek to discover and record as objecively as possible what people have experienced or believe they have experienced…”

“...and seek by experimentation to establish scientifically or demolish the reported phenomena...”

“My hope is that this book will help and encourage more people to become the best kind of ghost hunters.”

The Ghost Hunter’s Guide
‘Introduction', pp.12-13

1986 LBC Radio interview with Underwood to coincide with the publication of The Ghost Hunter’s Guide (49 minutes)