Following the untimely death of his father,

the distraction offered by cinema is taken

at every opportunity.

“The number of 1932 and 1933 films that we saw is quite astonishing...”

Underwood’s local cinema, The Broadway, Letchworth Garden City (where he was born).

The first film he sees is a Sherlock Holmes story: The Speckled Band.

Sherlock Holmes in The Speckled Band (1931)

“I can remember to this day the enormous impression it made on me as we entered the dimly lit theatre,

walked down the red carpet,

and were shown to our red velvet seats…”

“There in front of us were the flickering, fascinating…”

“…black-and-white moving pictures...”

“I would walk miles to catch a Karloff film…”

Building on a scrap book begun at this time,

Underwood later wrote the first biography

of Karloff.