In 1964, Underwood assists a man named David Cohen who is continuning an unsolved case investigated by Harry Price.

In 1937, Price had attended a seance one in London and experienced something that shook him to the core...

Price testified to experiencing what had appeared to him to be a case of genuine materialisation of a departed spirit: ‘Rosalie’.

“I met Cohen…when he addressed the Ghost Club on the Rosalie case at my invitation…

I judged him to be a sincere and honest man,

if somewhat credulous on occasions.”

Underwood and David Cohen at the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature, Senate House, London.

Price and his Spirit Child Rosalie was published in 1965, and Cohen pleaded for information from anyone that would lead to the identification of any of the participants who may have witnesssed the Rosalie materialization.”

Later, Cohen recieves a mysterious letter in the post...

“The letter he received in April 1966 was handwritten…”

“…and…[it was] signed ‘Rosalie’…”

“...but there was no surname, no address, and care had been taken to obliterate anything in the letter that might have led to identification of the writer…”

“For some years now this anonymous letter has been in my possession, and I am here publishing for the first time a photograph of part of the letter together with a further plea that the writer…get in touch with me so that this psychical mystery can be solved once and for all.”

The text of the letter is published in full in Dr Paul Tabori’s Beyond the Senses.

“I undertake to respect in every way the privacy and total anonymity of the writer or person who contacts me but for the sake of posterity,

for the sake of the reputation of Harry Price and for psychical research in general, it is imperative that the writer or someone concerned and I meet and talk in complete confidence.”

A page from the letter signed ‘Rosalie’.

“It would be nice to close this intriguing case one way or the other but, in spite of intensive investigation by highly qualified researchers over the years, the case, so far, remains a puzzle that refuses to be solved.”

The Ghost Hunters

“…the late Peter Underwood had great personal interest in the mystery of Harry Price and ‘Rosalie’ and,

as he assisted in so many ways with my work on this case,

his absence is felt never more so than now...”

Paul Adams
The Enigma of Rosalie
'Introduction’; p. xix