In 1962, the first Ghost Club Summer Visit is made to haunted Sherrington Manor in Selmeston, Sussex.


“Years ago, grey-haired Cecil Chandless,

Lord of the Manor, told me about

the brown-clad figure that haunted his home...”

“He saw the ghost several times

on the staircase...”

The Chanless family first moved into the property

in 1876.

Sherrington Bridge and the River.

A Chandless family car photographed at Sherrington Manor, circa 1910.

“Doors were said to open and close mysteriously;

the swish of clothes and the tramp of heavy boots

had been heard…”

“…and occasionally a ghost is seen

...when someone in the house is ill…”

“One summer afternoon

the family were at tea…”

“…when they were surprised to hear

the crunch of horses’ hooves…”

“…and the grind

of carriage wheels...”

“…which seemed to herald

herald the arrival of a horse-drawn coach...”

A coach and horses service between Brighton and Eastbourne, which would have once passed by Sherrington Manor.

“Immediate investigation showed the drive to be deserted

and nothing was ever discovered

to account for the noises…”

“We duly went to Sherrington Manor…”

“We talked to Mrs Chandless

and her daughter Marissa

and other members of the family...”

“...about the curious experiences

that they all have had.”

“They all fully accept

…that they have unbidden guests

and indeed would not be without them…”

“...for they feel that Sherrington

is haunted by happy ghosts,

as such a charming house should be...”

“When the family went to the

New Forest during the last war

they believe that ‘Marmaduke’ followed them…”

“...and fretted to get back to Sherrington…”

“They heard impatient knocks

and felt something invisible brush against them…”

“...they sensed strongly

that they were required to return

to their Sussex home...”


Mrs Chandless will tell you,

none of us feels…’ 

No Common Task
pp. 145; 157

Gazetteer of British Ghosts
'Selmeston, near Alriston, Sussex'

‘...that we could ever leave here again…’  

No Common Task
pp. 145; 157

Gazetteer of British Ghosts
'Selmeston, near Alriston, Sussex'