“As is well known 

the fire that destroyed the Rectory was,

more or less, predicted by planchette...” 

Borley Rrectory caught fire in 1939, and was demolished in 1944.

‘Planchette’; a heart-shaped flat piece of wood equipped with two wheeled casters and a pencil-holding aperture pointing downwards, used to facilitate automatic or ’spirit' writing.

Writing found on the walls of Borley.

In 1946 Harry Price publishes

The End of Borley Rectory,

which Underwood immediately begins reading.

In 1900, four daughters of the rector

saw what they thought was the ghost of a nun at twilight,

about 40 yards from the house - what became known as the Nun’s Walk.

Price had investigated Borley Rectory for ten years,

- including living there for one of them -

declaring it ‘the most haunted house in England’.

The Most Haunted House in England (1940)

Underwood begins to make reports of his own investigations, forwarding some of them to Price.

Ghost Watch #10 - Borley Rectory
This video illustrates an episode of 'Ghost Watch', a short series which was originally broadcast on the radio in the 1980s.