“An interesting recurring apparition

has long been reported

from the Home of Compassion, in Thames Ditton.”

“…from the very first night that the mansion

was taken over by the Sisters of Compassion,

a white figure had been seen on many occasions…”

Home of Compassion, Thames Ditton

“Attempts to exorcise the phantom lady

were unsuccessful…”

“The generally accepted idea of exorcism is that a power of good is paramount over a power of evil...”

“...yet all the evidence I have collected does not suggest to me that there is anything evil about ghosts…”

“This failure to ‘exorcise’ the ghost, it was suspected,

 showed that the ghost was not of an evil nature,

its manifestations have never been in the least frightening…”

“The Reverend Mother told me when I called there…

‘It is the ghost of a nun and it has been seen here for many, many years

but we are not worried about it,

it has not harmed anyone.’ ”

“She had seen the ghost many, many times and had never had any fear. She described the figure as

‘wearing a white robe with a veil, looking about twenty-five years of age - and seeming to radiate happiness’…”

“According to the evidence I accumulated,

the ghost puts in an appearance on average three times a year, usually around 2.00 a.m.,

but occasionally in daylight...”

“It is a pity that a number of circumstances

precluded an intensive and exhaustive investigation…”