“Another early haunting that I investigated

with Tom Brown was Royston Old Post Office,

at the time that it was being converted…”

The Old Crown pub, housed in Royston's Old Post Office on Baldock Street.

“The last postmaster there took us where he and others

had experienced a number of strange happenings…”

“The commonest was a loud

and totally inexplicable night-time noise.”

“New members of staff working at night

were always warned that they may hear

‘the woodchopper’…”

“During our visit, I was immediately struck by the close proximity of Royston Cave.”

“And I was intrigued to discover

that the cellars of the Old Post Office adjoined the cave.”

“We explored Royston Cave itself,

which is certainly interesting but not,

as far as I know, haunted.”

“It seemed likely to me that the sounds could be the result of some kind of echo, perhaps transmitted with alarming clarity through the medium of the chalk subsoil…”

“It is said to be at least two thousand years old,

and many authorities believe its age to be nearer six thousand years.”

“The greatest interest stems from the

rudely carved figures of saints and kings and queens,

which appear to date from the time of the Crusades.”

“We were informed that there is only one similar cave anywhere in the world, in Jerusalem.”