“I received a card from the Vice-Chairman…” 

‘Every member will have heard the news of the sudden death of Mr Harry Price…’

“My family commitments in the late forties prevented my attending many Ghost Club meetings…” 

“...but I had arranged to be present at the meeting scheduled for 21 April 1948.”

“The card that Harry Price sent to me from his home in Pulborough…”

“...saying that he was looking forward to meeting me,

may well have been the card he posted before returning home that day in March 1948

...when he sat down in his armchair and died almost instantly.”

No Common Task

The Ghost Hunters

Price died of a heart attack on the 29th of March 1948...

...at his home in Pulborough, West Sussex.

Paul Tabori, then Vice President of the Ghost Club, becomes executor to the Price estate.

He sets to work on a biography of Price.

Price amassed an extensive library of occult & magical literature...

It now exists as the

Harry Price Library of Magical Literature

at Senate House Library. 

Tom Ruffles; Harry Price Library of Magical Literature